Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'm still here!

Sorry for the sporadic posts lately. I'm just too busy ... too busy waiting for this baby to show up! I've decided he's either going to be a major momma's boy, since he doesn't want to leave me yet, or a procrastinator. I know he's only 2 days overdue, which isn't really overdue at all but I feel like I've been waiting FOREVER. But it can't last much longer, can it?

Sheesh. 40 wks and counting ... 

So while my parents have been here, we've been trying to keep busy rather than just sit around staring at my (huge) belly. I haven't been doing any cooking, and am usually napping while my mom or mother-in-law is cooking dinner, so I'm not going to be doing any weekend recipes for a while, but they'll be back one of these days. Mom made some cute crib sheets from this Prudent Baby tutorial, and they'd make great baby shower gifts. She also finished the most amazingly cute baby quilt ever, if I can say that (since I designed it). I'll post pics of it this week, I promise.

 I've been working really hard. Really.

Dad's been great, and done lots of little dad things, like put a coat of beeswax on the pterodactyl dresser to make it extra glossy and shiny. We've gone for daily walks with Daisy, and my brother's been here for a few days so we've dragged him along. And my favorite project of his has been these really gorgeous cherry wood blocks he made for Thomas. He took scraps of some beautiful curly cherry leftover from a table he made, sanded them and rounded the edges, then gave them three coats of Waterlox (a food-safe, no-VOC finish) and a coat of beeswax. Aren't they gorgeous? He says they'll be just the right size for Thomas to throw at his (hypothetical) little brother.


  1. oh my gosh i do wish you luck with the baby and hopefully we will hear soon that you and baby are fine and home . good luck and an easy labor to you .

  2. look at you and your baby-full belly! Wow. I'm mentally contrasting that with the picture of you in the suit you made. I tell you, this process just can't be natural! I'm sure you'll be happy to be onto the next stage, but you look great! And wow, your whole family is so talented!!!!! those blocks are gorgeous.

  3. thanks, guys! and beth, i looked at that picture you're talking about the other day and it just made me depressed! and very tired. it's pretty whack what the body can manage to do.


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