Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Two-in-One: Little Girl's Crocheted Hat and Bag

A friend of mine has a darling little girly girl who turned 4 last month (and had the most amazing Pinkalicious party to celebrate -- y'all, just look at all that PINK!). For her gift, I remembered seeing a cute little crocheted hat that also could be used as a drawstring purse somewhere on the internet. Of course, I couldn't even come close to finding that somewhere, even with my reference librarian skills (if anyone knows what I'm talking about, let me know!), so I decided to see if I could make one myself.

It was super easy, and I'll give you the basic rundown of how I made it, but I don't have a real pattern -- sorry! I didn't feel comfortable writing up a pattern for a knockoff of someone else's work (um, and I also started and ripped and restarted this so many times I lost track of what I was doing, AND I'm really terrible at writing patterns anyway), but if you know how to crochet, or think you can follow along, I can sort of tell you how I did this.

Filled with all the girly essentials -- Lip Smackers, hair clips, fingernail stickers, nail polish

The circumference is 50 cm for this child's hat -- just figure out what circumference you need and work from there. All abbreviations are U.S. standard.

  • Using the magic ring method (but you can crochet a chain and join it to start your circle if you prefer), sc 6 and join.
  • Continue to sc a circle, increasing as you go (sc twice in each sc for 12 sc in the first round, sc twice in every 2nd sc for 18 sc in the second round, etc.) until your circle reaches the desired circumference (50 cm here, or a diameter of about 16 cm -- thank you, middle school geometry).
  • Sc one more even round (you should have some multiple of 5 for your stitch count), and add one sc at the end before joining the round (this is to set up for your shell pattern).
  • Work the next rounds evenly in a solid shell stitch (1 sc in 2nd ch from hook, * skip 2 ch, 5 dc in next ch, skip 2 ch, 1 sc in next ch **, repeat * to ** to end of row. Turn). You'll work 8 rounds or so in the shell pattern. The reason you want to use a solid shell stitch instead of an open one is so all your Bonny Belle LipSmackers don't fall out when you use this as a purse!

  • At this point, you're going to work a quick mesh round for the drawstring to pass through. Chain across the dips in the shell, then sc in the center dc of the shell. Then chain across, etc.
  • Work 1-3 more rounds of shell (until the hat is the length you want), and fasten off.
  • Thread a ribbon or braided yarn or whatever through the mesh and tie in a pretty bow for the hat. This will be the drawstring of the purse. I also crocheted a little flower (from Stitch'n'Bitch Crochet) and sewed a hairclip to the back of it to use as an embellishment.


  1. well are you not just the clever crafter . that is awesome and you are a great gift giver .

  2. Lovely bag(hat)! I'm going to make the same for my daughter!
    And thank you for the description!


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