Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kitchen Things I Can't Live Without

I haven't been spending much time in the kitchen lately (although I made fried okra at 10 last night -- I'm so stoked about finding local produce), I have a few kitchen things I absolutely adore, and can't imagine doing without.

My avocado green Sunbeam hand mixer, a hand-me-down from my mom. Who cares if the power cord always falls out during use? I've always loved the little "Burst of Power" button -- who doesn't need a burst of power every now and then?

Want one? Get one here (LOVE the aqua color!) or here or here.

These Anchor mixing bowls of my grandmother's. The high sides and heavy glass are perfect for all kinds of kitchen duty.

Want some? Get them here or here.

The hand-embroidered day-of-the-week towels my mom gave me for a wedding gift. They're huge and absorbent, and double quite nicely as pastry cloths. Plus, how else would I know what day it is?

Want some? Check out these or these. Or make your own using a pattern or your own design.

Finally, the most important thing in my kitchen these days is my wonderful Italian coffee maker. I have no idea how I'd survive my 6:30 wake-up call without it (yes, I know that's not actually all that early for most people). If you have one of these lovelies, which you can get from Bialetti, I recommend adding warm milk instead of cold if you don't take it black. I'm not sure why, but it tastes so much better. I have two different stovetop coffeemakers -- the one in the picture and a Mukka, which makes a frothy cappuccino.

What kinds of things do you rely on? What do you have at home that makes you smile every time you use it?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I promised quilt pictures a few weeks ago, and yesterday evening was cool enough to take some outside (and I finally found the cable from my camera so I could get the photos onto my computer). My mom made the bright batik quilt from some of my drawings, digitizing some for the machine embroidery and using some for the applique, then she spent the last week of waiting for T hand quilting. I love the finished quilt -- it's awesome when something turns out even better in real life than I pictured in my head.

 More pictures on Flickr.
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