Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I promised quilt pictures a few weeks ago, and yesterday evening was cool enough to take some outside (and I finally found the cable from my camera so I could get the photos onto my computer). My mom made the bright batik quilt from some of my drawings, digitizing some for the machine embroidery and using some for the applique, then she spent the last week of waiting for T hand quilting. I love the finished quilt -- it's awesome when something turns out even better in real life than I pictured in my head.

 More pictures on Flickr.


  1. wow how old is the little guy now ? he is so cute and looks like he is enjoying all those bright colors good job megan .

  2. Ah - what a little cutie!
    Love all the photos on Flickr - gorgeous bright colours!

  3. This quilt is amazing! I love the bright colors and details. The triceratops in the hot air balloon is awesome.

  4. Lucky baby, to have such a beautiful quilt to sleep on! After joining the Bronte-Along, I found so many talented quilters. Just started my first quilt. Kind of. I might get the courage to show it on my blog at some point...

    And totally different subject: is your babe in cloth diapers? We started using cloth on our baby a few months ago - I think they're great.

  5. thanks, everyone! i'll pass along your compliments to my mom -- she had a great time making this quilt. it's so fun to come up with something and then see it come to life.

    cathy -- he'll be a month old on saturday! i can't believe it.
    jules -- thanks! aren't batiks fun? i have this thing about using pastels with babies, since they only see high contrast anyway. they can't see pastels!
    leah -- my dad actually came up with the balloon idea, and my husband rejected several of my drawings before he decided this one would do. he's always the one i go to to ask, "does this look right?"
    mari -- yes, we're using cloth diapers. so far, so good! they're way easier than a lot of people think!

  6. these pictures, the quilt and T are all amazing. also your comment about pastels is funny. I didn't know that.

  7. Ahhhh, those little toes! So adorable. The quilt is gorgeous too - it looks so complicated. The colors are perfect for your little man.


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