Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reading and making

In a fun coincidence, book-related crafting suddenly seems to be all over the place, not just all over my living room. From the Bronte-along to the latest issue of Interweave's Piecework Magazine (including a vintage Miss-Marple-inspired shawl and instructions for knitted lace straight from the American prairie), I've been seeing loads of bookish crafts.

I haven't been around much lately, mainly because I've been busy with life mundanity and that's not worth blogging about here (although the fun stuff I've been up to has been worth blogging about over on Forever Young Adult). I'm at my parents', so while I should have time to get back to work on some projects, I haven't managed to even cook dinner. Y'all -- I haven't cooked anything more than three or four times in the last four months.

What I have been doing is a lot of reading, and my crafts have been all about books. You can imagine how pleased I was to discover the August Craft Leftovers Monthly zine was dedicated to books, and has tutorials for bookmarks, a crocheted library tote and bookmaking. It's full of awesome stuff, like how to make a notebook from an old discarded hardback with a cool cover -- I can't wait to get started!

For Forever Young Adult, I've been doing a bit of book-related crafting of my own. In preparation for the release of Mockingjay, the third in Suzanne Collins's Hunger Games trilogy, I put together a no-emulsion-necessary screenprint tutorial and stitched up a the mockingjay bookmark pictured at the top. I also have a Frankie Landau-Banks prep school scarf in the works, but it's not ready to share.


And my dad just finished building this incredible walnut bookcase with reproduction wavy glass. I can't wait to get it home -- my husband's already lobbying to put it in his office, but I want it in a room where it can be seen. 

For more bookish crafting, check out the IndieFixx Book Club. Jen and guest writers share what's on their bookshelves and curate collections of indie goods inspired by favorite books. 

What's on your reading pile?


  1. I think you sound like you have a lot going on... My reading pile has a lot of nonsense, but I am currently reading Super Sad True Love Story, which is so far amusing but possibly not "Great". I also read the worst book nominated for the Booker Prize, The Finkler Question (see my scathing Goodreads review...).

    I am moving back to London and then am going to craft and cook. And probably have no time for reading. "Swings in roundabouts" as the British say. I specifically plan to make magnetic bookmarks, and Christmas (holiday) cards. I am very excited. Anyway, good to see you back on the blog.

    OH and the bookshelf is AMAZING.

  2. Wow Meghan, you're dad is very talented. That bookcase is beautiful!

  3. dad's being modest about his talents. you're right -- the bookcase is amazing! i can't wait to get it home.

    olivia, we need to talk more about shteyngart and your thoughts. i've never read him, but i'm interested based on the franzenfreude kerfluffle.

  4. I just finished The Red Tent. And now I'm reading Philippa Gregory's Earthly Joys.

    And I want to commission furniture by your dad.

  5. M.E., I'm sure Tom will be happy to commission furniture for you when he finishes with my, Meg's and John's lists ;)

  6. also, regarding franzenfreude: i'm not in any way referring to jodi picoult's involvement, since i consider her the female literary equivalent of nicholas sparks. jennifer weiner, on the other hand, i enjoy and think needs more serious attention for bringing common women's issues to light -- the (sometimes) drudgery of motherhood, the competition with "perfect" women, the decisions that no matter how enlightened men are, women still struggle more over (like going back to work after having a child). she may not write glittering prose like more critically acclaimed authors, but she doesn't deserve to be called "chick lit" and beach book material because she writes about women. the same quiet despair she writes about was the subject of betty freidan's work.

  7. The hunger games bookmark is cool, even if I didn't enjoy mockingjay as much as the other books ;)

  8. i didn't enjoy mockingjay as much, either. too bad, since it was the last in the series. the more time that passes after reading it, the less i like it, too. :(

  9. I might try to make that little Mockingjay bookmark for my old roommate. She's such a fangrrl, and it drives her crazy that I haven't read the books yet.

    Thanks so much for all the great links! I've been wanting to do some serious crafting lately!

  10. alison, that'd be awesome! it won't take long -- it only took me a couple of l&o:svu episodes to knock it out.


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