Friday, October 8, 2010

Crochet Helicopter

Recently I've been going a wee bit crazy with to-do lists (my favorite right now is Hiveminder), and one thing I'm trying to do is finish all my in-progress projects and chores (like cleaning out closets -- ugh). At the top of my list is a mobile for T before he gets too old for a mobile! I started crocheting little aircraft a couple of weeks before he was born, and finished them about a month ago. My dad made a nifty wooden frame that attaches to the crib, and the only thing holding me back is a lack of nylon thread for attaching them.

I used other people's patterns for two of the planes, but wrote my own for the little chopper and the biplane. Once I get them hung, I'll share the finished product. Until then, T is playing with them and I'll leave you with the helicopter pattern (I haven't finished writing out the biplane yet). It's about 4 inches long -- just the right size for chubby little hands.

I used Lily Sugar n Cream yarn, some bamboo quilt batting that was awful for quilt batting but makes nice stuffing, a size 6 hook and size 5 circular needles.

sc = single crochet
sc inc = single crochet increase
sc dec = single crochet decrease
co = cast on
instructions for knitting i-cord can be found here


round 1: 5 sc in ring, join, ch1, turn
round 2: 5 sc around
round 3: 5 sc inc (10)
round 4: 10 sc
round 5: 2 sc, 5 sc inc, 3 sc (15)
round 6: 15 sc
round 7: 5 sc, 5 sc inc, 5 sc (20)
round 8-9: 20 sc
round 10: 8 sc, 5 sc inc, y sc (25)
round 11-15: 25 sc
round 16: (sc dec, 3 sc) x5 (20)
round 17: 20 sc
round 18: (sc dec, 2 sc) x5 (15)
round 19: (sc dec, sc) x5 (10)
round 20 (sc dec) x5 (5)
Tie off, using the yarn tail to close the opening.

Knitted i-cord rotor (make 2)
co 4
knit 30 rows i-cord

Knitted i-cord skids (make 2)
co 3
knit 17 rows i-cord

Knitted i-cord tail rotor (make 2)
co 2
knit 3 rows i-cord

Sew rotors and skids to helicopter body. Make sure to attach very, very securely if this will be a baby toy.

Download a PDF version of the pattern here!


  1. I love this post! I don't mind if you don't finish your mobile, but keep posting pictures. Those aircraft are amazing.

  2. he is so sweet, and so are your crocheted helicopters!

  3. thanks! i think he's pretty awesome.

  4. i crocheted the biplane....i chose yellow and green. when i was done i realized it looked like a lemon with green leaves but still cute so i embroidered the little boys initials on the it looks more like a plane. next time not using yellow and green ! ha ha ha still a cute biplane


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