Friday, November 5, 2010

Finished Mobile and Biplane Pattern

As I mentioned two (! has it been that long?) weeks ago, I've finished the mobile for T's nursery. We chose airplanes (and one helicopter) because Chris loves aircraft and when I was planning the nursery, we couldn't agree on dinosaurs or airplanes, so we went with both. Chris has a special affection for biplanes and dreams of owning one someday, so I had to include a biplane on this mobile. I couldn't find a pattern for one, so wrote this one.

We went for a ride in a biplane a few years ago. Fun, but kind of scary!

The bomber and the tiny jet came from Ravelry (but those are non-Rav links), and making those planes helped me get my patterns set in my head. My dad made the framework for the mobile out of walnut scraps leftover from the bookcase he built, and I hung the toys with nylon thread and used Elmer's glue to secure them.

I used Lily Sugar n Cream yarn, bamboo fiberfill and a size H6 hook.

sc = single crochet
sc inc = single crochet increase
sc dec = single crochet decrease


Round 1: 5 sc in ring, join, ch1, turn
Round 2: 5 sc around, join, ch1, turn
Round 3: 5 sc inc (10), join, ch1, turn
Round 4: 10 sc, join, ch1, turn
Round 5: 2 sc, 5 sc inc, 3 sc (15), join, ch1, turn
Round 6: 15 sc, join, ch1, turn
Round 7: 5 sc, 5 sc inc, 5 sc (20), join, ch1, turn
Round 8-16 : 20 sc, join, ch1, turn
Round 17: 20 sc tbl, join, ch1, turn
Round 18: 2 sc, sc dec 5 times (15), join, ch1, turn
Round 19: sc, sc dec around (10), join, ch1, turn
Round 20: sc dec around (5). Fasten off.

Wings (make 4)
Ch 6
Rows 1-5: 6sc, ch1, turn
Row 6: sc around two long and one short sides of wing. Fasten off (leave tail for attaching to plane)

Tail (make 3)
Ch 2
Row 1: Make 4 sc in 2nd chain from hook (4)
Row 2: sc around (4)
Fasten off.

Propellor (make 1)
First, crochet a tiny button to go between the prop and the nose of the plane.
Round 1: 4 sc in a ring, join, ch 1, turn
Round 2: sc, sc inc around (8), join, ch 1, turn
Round 3: 8 sc. Fasten off.

Then work the propellor:
Ch 2.
Row 1: sc in 2nd chain from hook, sc, ch 1, turn.
Row 2-3: sc inc, sc
Row 4-5: 4 sc
Row 6: sc dec, 2 sc
Row 7: sc dec, sc
Row 8: 2 sc
Row 9: sc inc, sc
Row 10: sc inc, 2 sc
Row 11-12: 4 sc
Row 13: sc dec, 2 sc
Row 14: sc dec, sc
Row 15: 2 sc
Sc around the edges, fasten off.

Attach the pieces firmly with yarn.

Download a PDF version of the pattern from Ravelry!
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  1. SO cute. I love your pics.

  2. oh, your little peanut is SO CUTE! (the plane is cute too!)

  3. thanks! i have to include him for scale, you know.

  4. these are adorable! My husband has been asking me to make an airplane mobile for our baby, due in 2 months. I found your plane pattern on Ravelry, and now have to decide if I'm going to do four of the same, or all different. if the toys are slightly different weight, is the mobile crooked? How did you remedy that? Thank you so much for sharing this pattern!!

  5. Hi Lauren! Congratulations on the baby! I wish I had a photo of how I ended up balancing the mobile, but I'll try to explain. I tried hanging the toys at different places on the mobile's arms to balance it and it worked ok, but they kept slipping because I just tied them on instead of drilling holes in the mobile to put the strings through. Later, I made little weights by putting coins in felt pouches (I used a kitchen scale to get the weights balanced) and tied them above the toys. And only a couple of months later, T got big enough to pull the whole thing down.

  6. Oh, great idea! I think I'll use a combination of both ideas, thank you! I finished your biplane, and my husband loved it, by the way :) Thank you!


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