Wednesday, December 29, 2010

After it's all over

I finished Mr. T's first Christmas ornament around 11:30 Christmas night - just under the wire, so it still counts, right? (Confession: it's not really finished, since I still have to stuff it and sew up its belly, but we'll just let that go, shall we?).

As much as I love Christmas, I always feel relieved when it's over and the pressure is gone. Even if I didn't finish everything I wanted to, and I rarely do, I can move it to next year's list and have another whole year to put things off.

I do look forward to starting a new year, and I'm planning to work on clearing the decks first - finishing lots of stalled projects and organizing my sewing room before adding anything new to my list. This week is always a nice break, a chance to rest before a new year, and I'm spending it happily making lots of lists.

Just so this post isn't bare, check out this crazy picture of Mr. T and a photo of his dad. Nuts, huh?


  1. That IS crazy. But really interesting. Also whatever about finishing things for Christmas. I didn't finish my cards this year. When I got home I got a bunch of cards from friends I didn't send cards to. Now I have to send January... or increasingly, February ... cards.

  2. i find the mutual-card-sending thing crazy sometimes. i'm sure i sent cards to people from whom i didn't receive one, and that's fine with me. i don't ruthlessly pare my list every year and strike those who didn't reciprocate, and if someone does it to me, well, tough poop.
    i loved yr card, btw. awesome.


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