Thursday, December 2, 2010

Quick gift: Crayon apron from Prudent Baby and Bobaloo Kids

A couple of weekends ago, we had a last-minute birthday party to attend and I needed a last-minute gift. T and I weren't up to braving Target even one more time that week, so I pulled up my absolute favorite go-to place for baby and kid DIY, Prudent Baby. I've made crib sheets, changing pad covers, sun hats, a nursing cover and probably other things I just can't remember right now, and every project has been simple and wicked cute. This crayon apron is a guest project from Samantha at Bobaloo Kids, and I jumped on it. Seriously, how awesome is a crayon apron? I really want one for myself, too (I think I'll have to adjust the measurements, though ...).

Anyway, I was able to sew this up on Friday for a party on Saturday -- nothing like waiting until the last minute -- and it was easy enough to do in short happy baby bursts, so it'd probably take someone with no kids, older kids or a baby who naps alone (I can only dream) only about 15 minutes. The only change I made was to combine the center six crayon pockets into one bigger pocket in the center for a notepad -- what good are crayons if you don't have paper to draw on? Then you have to do things like draw on the walls! The pocket fits 3"x5" index cards, which I used to make the little notebook. I meant to make a matchbook-style one like this super cute one from Daisy Janie, but I didn't have the instructions and kind of screwed it up, so I just made a basic flip pad by punching holes in one end of the notecards and tying them together with yarn. Bonus: it's refillable! I also made a couple more for the birthday girl's little brothers, and I'll definitely make more of these aprons.


  1. wait i want one. can i put in an order? :)

  2. It's adorable, Meghan! Thanks for sharing your project, I'm so glad you liked my tutorial!

  3. that's so amazing! I continue to be in awe of your sewing abilities! I'd take one of these aprons over anything from Target any day!

  4. Thanks, Sam! Bobaloo Kids is quickly becoming a go-to site for me, too. And Olivia and Nicole (and anyone else), you can buy your very own crayon apron from Sam if you want. Cos if you're waiting for me to find time to make one for you, you'll be 80 before you get it :) Get it here:


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