Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Only connect

You guys don't even get decent photos on this post today - just random ones from my phone!

A year ago, I had a million and one projects going, I was cooking all the time and I had a nice, regular little schedule here. Now, my days are a muddle of naps (or no naps), nighttime marathon feedings, laundry and quick, uncreative dinners. I'm in awe of a friend of mine who manages to blog three or four times a week, scrapbook and do art projects with her four- and nearly-three-year old -- AND take care of her tiny new twins! That's not me, not this time around.

Anyway, I've been thinking about this blog a lot lately and trying to figure out if it still fits in my life, and if so, where? I'm not ready to let it go yet -- every time I think about it, I also think about some of the great things I want to share, and all the cool stuff I've learned from others. But this space is neither my main focus right now nor even my main writing focus. I'm putting more energy into book blogging, since I'm lucky enough to be one of the writers at Forever Young Adult, but that doesn't mean I want to quit this yet.

I will be rethinking what I do here. I've been (re)reading E.M. Forster lately, and have been struck by his plea to "Only connect." And that's really what these public-private spaces are all about, really. Connecting knowledge with learners, enthusiasts with each other.

When I first started this, I was mainly sharing my projects with my husband, who was in Afghanistan. My first subscribers (6!) included my mom, grandmother and dear friend from college. I don't have loads more readers now, but I don't really care about that.

What I am getting at (eventually ... I do have a point!) is I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing here. Even though I know the blogs I visit over and over are the ones that let me peek at the writers' lives, I have a hard time sharing much. I don't want to be solipsistic. Who cares about my boring struggles with laundry? But I want to share more. Like this:


Mr. T has TWO teeth! And has outgrown his infant car seat (well, he has about an inch of clearance, but has been averaging an inch a month).
I've started running again (I hope - today was week 1, day 1 of couch-to-5k for about the fifth time).
My parents just left after a week's visit, and it's awfully lonely, but at least I have Daisy back! And the bookcase my dad built.
I have about a zillion things I want to make, and enough spare time each day to either empty the dishwasher OR start something new. (Un)happily, the dishwasher has been winning.
There are so many people I want to be like, but every day I still wake up just me. And I guess that's ok :)

Anyway, I suppose my point is, for this year I have a simple goal: Only connect.

Check out these wonderful people I have been lucky enough to connect with in the last year, online and in real life:

Nicole at Blue Bicicletta, my penpal and wonderful artist
Melissa at Yummy Goods, co-founder of the Bronte-along an fabric designer extraordinaire
Beth at An Accomplished Young Lady, other co-founder of the Bronte-along
Fourteen Countess, an amazing stitcher
Kayanna of the delightful June Craft
Olivia, who always has interesting travels, musings and thoughts about books (ok, this is kind of cheating because we've been best friends since college, but y'all, she's awesome)

Are you connecting - really connecting - this year?


  1. Thanks for sharing Meghan! I love to know what y'all are up to, laundry and dishwashers or not. I can't believe T is almost out of his infant car seat. Time flies!

  2. Everything has its own time, Sweetheart.

  3. What a timely post, and what a treat to be mentioned! Connecting with you was one of the nicest things to come out of my first year of blogging. :) And I have been recently pondering many of the same things about my blog. For the last couple of months, I was much more focused on my "real" life than my virtual one, and I haven't put as much energy into sharing things on my blog. I wish I had time to post more often (and to stitch more often, for that matter!), and to develop my focus more clearly, but I'm trying to be at peace with just doing it when I can for now.

    Anyway, I always love reading your posts, and look forward to the evolution of this space as you continue to figure it out. xo

  4. oh honey, PLEASE don't compare yourself to me. i'm on what would be child number three, but it's three and four. anyway, my point is...i've had practice and i've pretty much got it down at this point. with harper? it was a different story. i was lucky to get clothes on for most of the first year. you are amazing. xo

  5. 14c -- haha, so much for connecting, right? i totally meant to reply so much sooner. thanks! i look forward to seeing YOUR lovely stitching and where you decide to go this year!

    stephanie -- thanks, lady! i certainly don't expect to be as put together as you yet, but i DO admire you so much!

  6. great post! Oh, I hope those new projects start winning over the dishwasher! It looks like they may have from recent posts! Thanks for sharing my blog here! I'm glad that every day you still wake up as you--I like you! As I read these posts I realize I've been too neglectful of my blog reading in general and reading your blog in specific! It's great to visit over here!

  7. thanks! i am way behind on my blog reading, and when i do read it's usually via my rss reader, so i don't always get a comment in.


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