Saturday, February 12, 2011

Reading, thinking (or trying to) and the past few weeks

It's nearly 4 on a Saturday afternoon, and Mr. T is still fast asleep (in his own bed!), and Chris and Daisy are snoozing on the couch, so I'm taking advantage of the quiet to think a little, and catch up with y'all out there. I don't know how long my reprieve will last, but I'm going to enjoy every second of it.

Earlier this week, I got a lovely box o' L'Engle (of the Madeleine variety) from Amazon, and I've been slowly soaking in A Circle of Quiet, the first of her Crosswicks journals. Published in 1972, it's "the attempt of a gifted woman to define and explore the meaning of her life," according to her website. Anyway, aside from having to look up several words and sit and think for a while to figure out what they really mean in the context of the book -- specifically ontology, a word I remembered from college philosophy courses, but couldn't explain or understand anymore -- it's been a joy to read. Madeleine L'Engle's books are so familiar to me, they're like old friends. She's one of those authors I've read so often I feel like I know her, and it's been wonderful to get inside her mind and realize she was very human. She made me feel good about sitting and enjoying a book in the midst of housekeeping failure (yes, that's a pile of unfolded laundry about 2 feet tall in the picture above).

Oops, I hear little noises from upstairs, so I'll leave you with this, the secret to long naps and sleeping (almost) all night solo: swaddling. Yes, I know he's eight months old, but honestly I don't care if he wants to sleep swaddled until he's 15 as long as he sleeps. So I used it as an excuse to make the cutey cute cute swaddling blanket from (who else?) Prudent Baby:

he's totally thinking, "are you for real? this is not cute."
Yes, there are birds on that fabric. Would you believe me if I told you a. I bought it years ago and b. I bought it because I liked the trees. No really, I swear.


  1. We swaddled my daughter for seven or eight months and got all kinds of crap from our families about it, but that girl slept like a hibernating bear. That blanket is way cuter than what we used!

  2. I am not familiar with why swaddling at 8 months is bad, but it sounds like a great idea to me if he sleeps. Also, do you hate birds? Did I get that weird quirk from you? I have it, regardless, and not sure why.

    Also, I have never read L'Engle. Probably it has magic and I wasn't allowed as a child.

  3. i have no idea why it's bad, either, other than it's something you do for newborns. around here, it's the best thing EVER!
    sam, isn't it the cutest blanket? i love everything on prudent baby - i wish i had time to make it all. i did have to use an extra 1/2 yard of fabric to make it big enough for my extra-long kiddo. ha.

  4. also, olivia, you'd LOVE madeleine l'engle. i can't believe i haven't forced her on you yet.

  5. Meghan, you totally didn't answer Olivia's question.

    Olivia: yes- Meghan hates birds. She hates all birds regardless of size or species. I am sorry that it was contagious.

  6. we used to joke that we'd have to send harper to college swaddled in a comforter. ;) that fabric is SO cute and the bird thing made me giggle. have you seen the "put a bird on it" sketch from portlandia? it made me laugh so hard. j and i have watched it like 293849238 times.

  7. o, i think i got the bird hatred from you. or maybe it's just one of those things we share?

    s, we keep saying we might have to send him to kindergarten with a bedsheet and instructions to swaddle him for naptime! but hey, whatever works. and i laughed SO HARD at that portlandia sketch. SO HARD.


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