Sunday, March 8, 2015

where I'll be

In case anyone is still out there listening, and I very much doubt it, I hereby announce 1. I'm back but 2. not here. A blog is both just too long and too much pressure, and also a little bit too much out there for me. It always was, in its way. So I'm giving this TinyLetter thing a spin, but in the interest of simplicity, for real probably mostly forever not updating here anymore. I haven't made anything but rushed dinner and endless school lunches in years, don't have much to say about balance or women's history or feminism that I or someone else isn't saying elsewhere, and I haven't been able to string together a cogent review of a book that consists of more than a star rating and/or a comment on Instagram.

If you think you'll miss me, feel free to subscribe here. xoxo

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