Sunday, March 8, 2015

where I'll be

In case anyone is still out there listening, and I very much doubt it, I hereby announce 1. I'm back but 2. not here. A blog is both just too long and too much pressure, and also a little bit too much out there for me. It always was, in its way. So I'm giving this TinyLetter thing a spin, but in the interest of simplicity, for real probably mostly forever not updating here anymore. I haven't made anything but rushed dinner and endless school lunches in years, don't have much to say about balance or women's history or feminism that I or someone else isn't saying elsewhere, and I haven't been able to string together a cogent review of a book that consists of more than a star rating and/or a comment on Instagram.

If you think you'll miss me, feel free to subscribe here. xoxo

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  1. ..and the blog ate my comment, I think. I tried to say I'm still here! My feed has a "defunct blogs" category and it's always fun to see an update there. But yeah, my blog is slowly becoming less and less updated, though hope springs eternal.

  2. The eternal hope is what made me move over to TinyLetter -- the whole nature of it seems less schedule driven, and more "dash of a quick note whenever". That's about my speed these days!


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